Steven Cholerton, owner of Sentient Pictures: video, film and VR studio
Steven Cholerton is the owner and creative director of Sentient Pictures.

It was considerably easier climbing that tree than building a boutique video production company. But with offices in London and Cape Town, and clients across the world, Sentient Pictures' combination of thoughtful storytelling, empathy to subject matter, and bright visuals has proved a winning formula.

Historically, we have often served social businesses, charities and NGOs, or the ESG (environmental, social and governance) remit of large multinationals. But we've also produced more orthodox corporate and product videos, covered events and conferences, shot music videos, documentary inserts and short films.


Sentient offers video strategy as well as production, ensuring that your video campaign integrates seamlessly into your broader marketing function and makes sense for your budget, audience and preferred platforms.

As Frank Capra once said, "There are no rules in film-making. Only sins. And the cardinal sin is dullness."


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